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I do not waste time arguing what bureaucrats say. They, the gov't bureaucrats, do have the advantage of collecting data better than a commercial organization. That I agree. However, their ability to compile and analyze data has much to be desired.

If anyone is so skilled in data analysis, that person can certainly earn much bigger paycheck out in the commercial world analyzing marketing data, making beaucoup dollars. Those who can't and wanna-be, work for the gov't. That's my view.

Back in 2003 or 2004, the census bureau projected that FL would become the 3rd most populous state in the union by 2012. They said that based on the trend of people moving to FL at that time. Never happenned. I laughed at the time because I knew those idiots just connected the data points without rational understand of why the data occurred the way it did. Had they done that, they'd understand the reasons people moved in... and then without those conditions, they moved out... Just idiots interpreting numbers with no understanding of why things happened.

Why waste time arguing what they report ?
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