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is there a political party I fit into?

Being in the spirit of election season, I can't really see there's a political party i really fit into so maybe y'all can figure out where I should be.

I'm against any gun laws & pro choice on abortion which seems to DQ me from the two parties.

against 3rd generation welfare queens, well really any welfare at all. Against foodstamps unless it's a short term thing like a brief run at unemployment.

I'm against "The war on drugs" as well. Feel they should legalize and tax it. let people kill themselves as they see fit.

Also believe any man who's not in prison should have the right to vote and own firearms. Be that a convicted felon or a kid in highschool. I don't believe in ANY gun laws at all, think the govt should be allowing drilling all over the country and keeping us away from our dependance on arabs.

Is there anything i fit into? I'm sure I can't be the only guy that doesn't fit into parties.
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