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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
Let me play the BG for one minute. I go buy a gun legally shoot someone with it then bring it home. YAH! RIGHT!

Lets try this... I'm a BG. I steal or buy a stolen gun, I shoot someone and leave microstaped casings behind. The police/FBI/Home Land Security one of the alphabet soup traces the stamp back to the "lawful" / original owner. Now I'm the Good Guy. Yes sir I bought that gun five years ago. When I went to the mall they wouldn't let me bring it in even though I'm a CCW holder so I left it in my locked car. Someone stole it. And what does the LEO do now. The same thing he/she would have done if there were no microstamping only they wasted a week calling suppliers running down dealers and going through records to find out who bought the gun "legally. Makes sense to me.

A few years before I left California our crafty legislators passed a law that if your gun is stolen you have X number of days or hours, (I forget which,) to report it as stolen. They have plenty of time to push legislation like that through, meanwhile the state is circling the bowl.

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