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Originally Posted by jbglock View Post
...A stock Glock 26 or 17 in my hands makes one hole for 5 rounds from 20 feet. I'm not exactly a gifted shooter either.

I would agree about the value of a test from a Ransom though.
I'm sorry, 20' are about 7 meters, try it on 20 yards, off hand with standard issue G22 and then come and tell me how sharp are you with your stock Glock...

If you agree on the Ransom Rest what is your point then ?
Just because in your hands the gun is sharp this means that we all should be shooting as you do ?
If I can dump the mag of my G22 in 4-7" circle, rapid fire, on 7-10 yards, I'll be happy. This slide lock did shrink my group little bit and this is all I care about.

Your abilities with G26 or 17 are irrelevant for the subject of this conversation because theoretically and practically the device is proven to do whatever it was intended to do.

If you can recognize an attack, draw and fire 5 shots in one POA, on 7' this is great, good for you. I cannot do it and I don't have time to do all of the required training for such result so devices as this-one are in my opinion helping me, what's your case... frankly, I don't care...
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