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Originally Posted by F350 View Post
There is a handy little tool called the "Butt Out"...

I have used one the last couple years I was able to hunt, great tool.
Cool find, I don't see how this eliminates cutting the hide/connective tissue around the bowel, urethra of the deer though. Then pull through...but the tool does eliminate the typical scat droppings/potential excrement during "the process". When were done gutting that's when we split the pelvis (to avoid a "bladder blow") and rib cage to get them cooled down. Old habit's are hard to break, and splitting the pelvis has to make it easier to get that out of there.
Going to give that tool a shot...thanks for the link. Having been in the medical field I/we will also cath a deer for the urine, and bottle it...or get a needle/syringe and pull it from the bladder after zip tied (paracord, rubber band, tied off)...and field dressed. Can't get much fresher than that...and works for the season. Transfer it right into an old (washed out) Tinks #69 bottle...or medicine bottle with a few cotton balls...soak em up for hanging later.
Also...regarding the removal of the metatarsal glands located inside of the rear legs. These glands secrete a strong smelling musk during the rut and can contaminate the meat if you are not careful in removing them. This can be saved until after the field dressing, or if you do cut them off, be sure not to use the same knife to continue skinning the deer.

Good luck this season.
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