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Originally Posted by Wyoming View Post
Left Ohio in 1979 and gun laws was one of the reasons. I could go on about what I saw as hypocritical about law enforcement but don't want to spend the time typing. (I'm very slow and it would take hours).

Went to a family reunion this summer and one of my cousins, a retired deputy, made a snide comment why he never came to visit me in Wyoming. Too many of us carry guns and he wouldn't be comfortable.

BTW, I was carrying concealed and he didn't even know.

Too bad your friend didn't come to Wyoming to hunt. A loaded handgun in a vehicle was never illegal since I have been here. Now Wyoming is a no permit state like VT, AK and AZ.

I do and will maintain my Wyoming and Utah permit. Comes in handy when I travel.
Ohio has better gun laws than 90% of the nation!
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