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You guys can aim for and hit a heart or a lung at 100 yards without optics? If so, then my hat's off to you. That's an impressive shot. I haven't shot my 24 beyond 25 yards yet, but I was that accurate at 25 yards. My grandfather used to hunt deer with .22lr, and the current law is .32" or larger. Kind of silly to trust .40 s&w to protect ourselves and family, but not trust a well placed shot with .40 to take down deer... Opinions are opinions though.

I am familiar with the RMR but I am wanting magnification not just a red dot. I could probably hit a deer sized target at 100 yards with factory sights, but not a heart sized target. And a well placed shot is important to me. I'm just not familiar with how much magnification and objective diameter would be best for the application.
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