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Originally Posted by boomhower View Post
The OP can't get the Galaxy Nexus. It's not available on Boost. The best he can get is the previously mentioned SII. Not a GN but not a bad phone either.
I had the SII, and it was a great phone. But it pales in comparison to my current S3. Boost and other similar carriers generally offer low-end or outdated smartphones for a similar price to much better smartphones on the regular contract carriers. But if boost is offering the S2, it is a very good device.

I do things differently: I am currently with Sprint on a 2 year contract smartphone plan with 4G LTE included. I had my S2 for almost a year and figured that if I wait a year to replace it, I would get a $150 discount off a new device. The S3 is currently $550, and whatever takes its place a year from now will cost the same. So I pay tax on $550, plus shipping (maybe), plus activation. And I get $150 off from the total non-discounted price plus tax on the non-discounted price. Then I throw in the activation fee, and I end up with maybe a $50 discount. And I have to sign a new contract. This time I did it differently. I went on Ebay and bought a brand new sealed Sprint Galaxy S3 for a bit under $500 shipped. Activated it from my Sprint account page for free. Put my S2 on Ebay for $225 and it sold in 3 hours. I will do the same thing next year if I feel like it, and this way I never have to sign another contract and I always have the latest and greatest device. Btw, Sprint offered me a trade-in price for my S2 of $89.
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