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XDRoX hit the nail on the head. Just vote "R" if you want to keep your guns. Pro-life/ Pro-choice debate isn't going anywhere anytime soon. And almost anyone on either side of the aisle will agree with your view of welfare, unless they are far lefties.

This political party nonsense gets overplayed way to much. It is just not possible to have a party that fits everyone's views. And if you did nothing would get done, there would be major political strife all the time, or it would boil down to a group taking complete control of the Gov't. and kiss America goodbye.

I'm sure there are countries with at least 9-10 politcal parties and the Gov't. is in shambles.

Bottom line, just find canidates, local and nationally, that "might" protect your "CORE" interest. Most people I think tend to overlook the importance of electing local officals and not only the POTUS I hope that makes sense. Good luck!!!
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