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I'm broke, that's why I just have irons. Trained with irons. I think that everyone should be able to shoot with irons.

Originally Posted by surf View Post
I do teach irons only courses and have done so for several years as a planned progression of training. IMO this produces higher quality shooters when teaching or reinforcing fundamentals via irons. This goes for newer shooters or even when taking experienced shooters and breaking them down to the basics and rebuilding them. So yes I have irons only set ups.

I will note that during intensive irons only courses, shooters are exposed to a multitude of alternate or improvised shooting positions and scenario's including low / no light etc, that it quickly becomes clearly obvious where irons can be a serious limiting factor in a shooters performance especially in critical use training, scenarios, etc, to include force on force. IMO anyone who uses this platform for potential critical use applications are greatly benefited by having training with and deploying a modern capable red dot / optic.
I agree. If you can hit something at 500 yards with your irons, well, you have taken the pebble from the master's hand. A man size target looks like a dot at 500 yards. Now, you take someone who can do that, then give them optics, they can do amazing things. The optic as well as the quality of the optic will only increase their capabilities. Other way around where someone can only shoot well with an optic, the quality and capability of their optic will be the deciding factor on their performance. Take away the optic, they are lost.
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