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Originally Posted by JuneyBooney View Post
I would have to agree about no contract phones normally being low end but I was on Sprint and got tired of paying for overages on the minutes so I switched to Boost. Should people pay more just for name? NOOO. But I have been carrying the I880 on Nextel/Boost for years. I don't text hardly at all and the phone has sounded very good. Now finding a good sounding phone will be the problem. Al the apps really don't mean much to m but they look entertaining.
I guess it depends on what plan you have with Sprint. With their smartphone plan, I get 500 anytime minutes, unlimited nights from 7 pm and weekends, and unlimited calls to any mobile number, as well as unlimited data, texts, and picture mail. So I have never paid an overage since most of my calls are to mobile numbers. I have used over 1500 mobile to mobile minutes, mostly calls to other carriers last month, 300+ night and weekends, and maybe 50 anytime minutes. Plus around 2500 texts, over 100 mms, and almost 2 GB of data. The plan costs me a total of $81 per month. And if you are wondering, a smartphone is a necessity for me as a med student on rotations in the hospital. Texting is our primary means of communication with residents, interns, and other students on my team, and the various medical apps are absolute must-haves. Plus I use my phone to access patient medical records, lab results, and other data. It is also my only phone, as I don't have and never will have a landline. I have actually never had a landline phone since I moved out of my parents' house.

But if you told me that most people do not need the kind of plan and usage that I require, I would agree with you. I also need a phone to last me at least 24 hours on a single charge with moderate use, and my Galaxy S3 has already passed the test. I am not sure if the iPhone would actually qualify. One of the students on my rotation has the iPhone 5 and claims that her phone does not even last close to the typical 12 hour day, and she says that she hardly uses it beyond the necessities. I suggested that she have it replaced because that does not sound right to me.

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