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Originally Posted by dre23 View Post
So you really think a person with a history of convictions for violent crime should be allowed to own firearms upon release from prison ?
indeed, if he's a free man he gets all the rights afforded him. I don't recall a part that says "shall not be infringed unless."

If you're releasing them from prison you're obviously saying they're not longer a threat to their fellow citizens right? Saying there's a law against that person having a gun implies there was no law about the crime he committed in the first place right? I mean if he follows laws then yes that law will stop him from getting a gun. However it's already proven that laws haven't stopped him from anything else

I also believe in a much stricter sentencing and prison system.

EDIT: there are women in jail from DUIs and minor drug violations. They get out do they lose the right to protect themselves against rape? Murder? Their children being abducted?

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