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Originally Posted by boby View Post
This crap gets old fast.

Here on GT, everyone complaining about third party voters, saying they will cause Romney to lose the election.

Go to a Democrat forum like Democratic Underground, everyone complains about third party voters, saying they will cause Obama to lose the election.

Voting for a candidate who doesn't best represent one's own political views is cowardly. Rather than admitting it, many demagogues simply attack those who use their vote to express the freedom we are supposed to cherish.

Having said that, I admit to being cowardly in this election. I feel that it's more important to elect Romney than vote with my heart (and head,) for the reason that Fox stated above: namely, that the Supreme Court, which has become an activist panel, must not be allowed to become any more liberal. The chances of that, should Obama win (and given the age of the current appointees) are quite good.

If that happens, all is lost.
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