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Originally Posted by dre23 View Post
So you really think a person with a history of convictions for violent crime should be allowed to own firearms upon release from prison ?

Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Of course. I do too.

If a seasoned felon wants a gun to commit more crime, he'll get it. What good is a silly law? All it does is disarm the guy who gets out of prison and has reformed himself.

Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
If you're releasing them from prison you're obviously saying they're not longer a threat to their fellow citizens right?

I also believe in a much stricter sentencing and prison system.
This is what is difficult for me, being an LEO... i agree with the above statements, which in my area, generally isn't the norm.

I believe if a person is deemed "rehabilitated" enough to be released back into society, they should have their rights restored. I see it as night or day: you're either rehabilitated, or you're not; there's no in-between. Either keep them locked up, or kick them loose and restore their rights. As said above, a criminal will get a gun regardless of the laws if they want one, and the individuals who truly do turn legit and become productive members or society/law abiding citizens are the one's who suffer because of gun laws.

That being said, I have a job to do, and I don't allow my opinions to interfere; I still perform my job in the manner in which I'm supposed to...

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