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Originally Posted by G29Reload View Post
They're not down at all. They fluctuate day to day and can be back over the high in a session or two.

But not below the record. Only because they can't keep up with how popular they are!

WTF does this even mean? The internal design? I work outside the thing, dont care what the transistors are up to! I bought the newer ones because they got better over time, my 17" is a Caddillac and the Air Im typing on is somewhere near genius.

A 3 second Google search.

Apple shares fell more than 1.3% by early afternoon, on the first anniversary of the death of its revered late founder and Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Friday.

There are several factors driving the slide.

One is the upbeat forecast from arch-rival Samsung Electronics, which said it expects record third-quarter profits despite suffering a legal blow in its ongoing patent-related disputes with Apple. In a note, J.P. Morgan analyst JJ Park cited the Korean electronics giant’s “blowout” preliminary results and estimated that Samsung will ship 20 million units of its Galaxy S3 smartphone – which the company launched over the summer designed as the main rival to Apple’s iPhone 5, which went on sale on Sept. 21. Park also said Samsung could also get a boost from the large-screen Galaxy Note 2 smartphone in the fourth quarter, and could see “an emerging opportunity” in tablets.

Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research also reaffirmed an earlier view that Apple’s patent victory in August may have given Samsung a lift, as consumers rushed to buy the company’s Galaxy S3, giving that handset an additional boost.

Apple’s iPhone 5 offensive may be facing some minor challenges – some of which may be limited supply. In a note late Thursday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster cut his estimates for iPhone sales for September to 25 million, down from 27.2 million, citing a “slightly slower than expected iPhone 5 launch due to supply constraints.”

The Apple worship is funny, but honestly I don't care what people do one way or another. Apple's to the point where they're damn near just changing the names on stuff instead of really innovating.

And with that said...

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