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Originally Posted by CLoft239 View Post
This is what is difficult for me, being an LEO... i agree with the above statements, which in my area, generally isn't the norm.

I believe if a person is deemed "rehabilitated" enough to be released back into society, they should have their rights restored. I see it as night or day: you're either rehabilitated, or you're not; there's no in-between. Either keep them locked up, or kick them loose and restore their rights. As said above, a criminal will get a gun regardless of the laws if they want one, and the individuals who truly do turn legit and become productive members or society/law abiding citizens are the one's who suffer because of gun laws.

That being said, I have a job to do, and I don't allow my opinions to interfere; I still perform my job in the manner in which I'm supposed to...

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I can totally get behind the option to petition for them to be restored under set clear guidelines in a reasonable ampunt of time, but not an automatic restoration of them. I understand ink on paper does not prevent access to guns, simply see the potential for someone who has shown a high potential to commit further violence to be locked up before they do. I understand just because you commit a felony does not make you life time violent. In my opinion a criminal who is out after his third or fourth robbery or maybe even assault is not the best candidate to have a gun. Not that the law itself keeps him from getting one, but to caught for something lesser leading to the discovery of a firearm possibly putting them away longer is all I am saying.
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