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Originally Posted by lunarspeak View Post

i hate cheering for a hurt player also but calling out 70,000 fans and telling them how dissgusted you are with them is a jerk sure if he sacked the raven's quarterback and knocked him out eric winston would be giveing high fives to his team mates....if your so ashamed of the fans and disgusted by them then maybe you shouldnt take their money..ERIK

you know he was takeing it awfully hard that matt cassel got hurt hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Just because it's ONE against 70,000, doesn't make the ONE wrong.

Good on him. Cheering somebody who has gotten hurt is a no class move, they need to be called out.

Could not disagree with your position more. This is one against one, and I'm calling you out for being a jerk.
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WTF?! How a cheap can an old, the old fart get?!

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