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Originally Posted by NBT View Post
I'm considering taking my 21SF this year as my Bowhunting side arm, ( I do have a 23 & 27) but we have had frequent bear visit's..not to hijack the thread...but what would you take considering a potential run in with a black bear?
The 23 does not have night sight's but does have a TLR1.
The 27 has night sigh'ts but is a Gen 1... I can also take the TLR1 off and put it on the 21SF.
We had one of the guy's have a run in with a bear, and no matter how much racket he made, that bear would not leave the base of his tree. After that bear milled around at his leisure...he finally waddled off...and our buddy made it back to camp a bit rattled. He only had a 1/2 mile walk...more like sprint. I don't want to be toting a 12G. TIA for any suggestions...and I apologize to the OP...even though it's somewhat still on track. Large game, handgun options...specific to what is owned.
Your Buffalo Bore ammo should serve you very well. I would also add, in the G23, I would load up with either the 180gr Hornady XTP or get some 180gr Gold Dot from Underwoods, might be your best shot if you don't handload.

For the .45, probably 230gr +P Hornady XTP or the Underwoods 230gr +P Gold Dot

If you have an aftermarket barrel, buy some .45 Super from Underwoods, that would be your best bet.

XTP's don't expand the largest, but they are very consistent and penetrate deeply as well.
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