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Originally Posted by GLWyandotte View Post
Can't agree.
The KC fans who cheered his injury are classless. Good for Winston for calling them out.
^^ agree 100% if you cheer your own QB(or honestly any person or player your team or anothers )getting hurt you truly are a POS as a person and as a fan. Glad someone called them out. I actually have a TON OF RESPECT for Winston for calling them out as the POS they are as fans and people.

Even if you actually cheer a OPPOSING teams player getting hurt(like Philly fans and the Dallas WR that time) your still a POS as a individual for doing that.

and of course this is to the fans that were actually cheering ..and thats NOT all the fans just a select few that actually were. its not like the whole stadium were classless pieces of dung like the ones cheering.

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