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The FL CCW permit is legal authorization granted to the permit holder by the State of Florida to carry a concealed weapon in the manner proscribed by FL law.

If the CCW holder is doing that in accordance with the law, then politely answering an officer's questions and producing the permit should end the matter. It's up to the permit holder to obey the laws under which the permit was issued, and not be a complete flaming jerk should an officer see what they view as a suspicious bulge under the permit holder's clothing and decide to investigate.

An officer who does choose to investigate a 'suspicious bulge' is understandably concerned about a possible crime, and about their personal safety. A little common sense and common courtesy on the CCW's part can defuse just about any such situation.

Becoming antagonistic and loudly arguing your 2nd Ammendment rights while an officer is trying to decide if he is dealing with an armed felon is rather stupid.

The Bondi opinion may presume a felony, but my CCW permit clearly states otherwise to any officer I am contacted by, once I politely show him my permit. That is the point you want to get to quickly, and without drama, in any officer initiated contact.
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