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Originally Posted by muscogee View Post
Can a bigot be a good American.
So you're saying that it is "bigoted" to oppose the beheading of infidels and apostates? To oppose wife-beating and child marriage?

Christians founded America, a land of freedom. Of the 57 Muslim countries, how many are democracies? 36 are dictatorships. Muslims are 23% of world population but only produce 8% of global GDP. The total GDP of the 57 Muslim countries put together adds up to 33% of the U.S. GDP. In the last century, there were 9 Muslim Nobel laureates and 166 Jewish ones (and Jews don't make up anywhere close to 23% of the world's population). Islam is financially devastating -just look what the Muslim in the White House has done to our economy in 4 short years. Basically, the 'roots of Muslim rage', besides stemming from Islamic warmongering teachings, stem from plain old-fashioned envy.

But let's not downplay Islamic warmongering teachings -given our wide-open Islamic immigration policies, that is suicidal. Islamic backwardness stems from its violent founder. Islam has had a very violent past and is still extremely violent. Islam represses women and those of other faiths (including 'no-faith' -pay attention, atheists).

So the only logical conclusion is that any who attempt to paint Islam in a positive light are, at least, not giving the whole picture, and are, in fact, being political cowards.
"Speak softly and carry a big stick"
-T. Roosevelt, President 1901-09, US soldier, martial artist, hiker, agriculteral worker, and conservationist, among other things.
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