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Originally Posted by michael_b View Post
As a native Kansas Citian and loyal Chiefs fan- I like what Winston said.

It takes the new free agent we picked up to be the most open with the media.

This team is so dysfunctional. Yes Cassel has played like crap this year but people need to lighten up. Heck Cassel can't make Bowe actually CATCH a ball that hits him in the hands. He can't block on the offensive line.

Now, one local sports caster, Frank Bole, said he was there and they were not cheering because Cassel got injured other than a few $@%]^*.

Franks opinion was they saw Quinn warming up an are cheering that.
What a crock! Of course he was warming up- the QB was out! What else was going on at that time that Bole could've pointed out- Hey look, a formation of seagulls, let's cheer!?
Bole sounds like he eats buckets of poo and begs for a bigger spoon.

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