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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
No, not at all. I'm simply hoping to discourage you and your ilk from posting anymore of this outright nonsense. Glock Talk is, essentially, a gun forum. Why a special sub-forum for God-haters and antisocial dissemblers is included here, I do not understand?
Why is it you religious folk always want to silence people? It's not that you don't like our views... you want us not to be able to voice them at all. Yet you feel you should be perfectly free to go around professing beliefs for which you have zero evidence as the one and only truth. Doesn't work that way. This was meant to be a light and fun thread. You have to realize that most people don't take religion all that seriously. Even most believers. Only the extremists really consider it a matter of life and death.

the world would be so much safer a place
Without religion.

Don't you get it! You're not contributing anything useful
Just as useful as religion.

I, for one, am tired of reading your lame witticisms and whining.
Then get out.

Of late the usual religious silliness and nonsense, around here, is getting worse - Not against Muslims and Al-Islam, but against Christians and Jews.
Awwww someone feels like a victim.

How is it that in America, today, Christians and Jews always seem to come across as the best targets?
You're not seeing it in the correct light. You aren't targets. No one is targeting you. Hop off your cross... you aren't being victimized. What's happening is that Christianity and Judaism are dying in this country. Religion all together is dying in this country. Your views are being pushed out of the public square because people (even believers) are just tired of hearing about it. It's a strange sort of mass delusion the religious. Most people are smart enough now to know we weren't created from clay by a guy with a beard in a white robe in the sky. Most people really have a sense that much of what's in the bible is nonsense. But many still believe, in a luke warm type of way, because it's a social function and it brings them comfort when thinking about their eventual death. But take a look around. If you had to give a number from 1 to 10 to gauge a persons strength of faith... you being the most devout at 10 and me being the least devout at 1... what would you rank most Christians and Jews? They go to church every sunday.... but you'll catch most of them getting drunk watching the football game later that day. They put up a little baby Jesus in their yard at Christmas but Judy is cheating on her husband with her boss at work. The kids go to christian youth camp every summer but little suzie is giving angry hand jobs to boys behind the dumpster. Very few people take this stuff seriously anymore. So you're not a target. Your archaic mythology is just losing it's grip on humanity. And it's about damn time.

I know you think you're chic and in sync with the times
WOW! Do we think we're hip daddy'o? Do we think we're jammin on the 1's and 2's? How about tubular? Just making that statement tells me you have to be a hundred. But you probably are old. And that's the key. Today's generations have no use for religion. Even the ones that believe do so in a (yeah yeah... after I watch the Jersey Shore) kinda way. Your religion has had it's day... and now... like greek and nordic faiths... is going to be left in history. Did you really think it was going to last forever. I'm sure that's what the greeks thought too when they were worshiping their Gods.

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