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Originally Posted by tkglazie View Post
The Gemini 20 measures to .02grains all day and is available for $22 on Amazon. You will need a larger pan to place on the one that comes with it. Excellent product. Comes with a pair of check weights
Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
No it does NOT. No scale under several $500 measures 0.02gr, I am sure you meant 0.2gr, big, big diff. A scale that measure 0.2gr is NOT accurate enough for serious reloading. It's about as useful as dippers...
ADK_ This is a perfect example of choosing wisely who you take advise from on this forum. I know the wise posters, but won't name them for fear of insulting others. Even those wise folks can be guilty of occasional typos however.

Couple the poor advise of using a $22 digital scale AND a typo (or simply a misunderstanding of one's own gear), and you can see where you can simply waste a lot of monies OR have a catastrophic error, depending on how the typo/error/gear misunderstanding works out for you.

The same goes for Internet reload recipes. When you find them, make informed decisions based on cross-checking with published data.
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