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Originally Posted by JBnTX View Post
If you imagine evolution as the foundation and then overlay it with the creation theory, you'd realize that's there's plenty of room for both.
NO! You do not get to use the work of scientists to try and twist your mythology to make sense. Your book says nothing of evolution. It says God made us on the 6th day and that he made us from clay. It says he made Eve from Adams rib. We know this to be nonsense. Your book had it's chance to get it right and it lost. End of story. There is no "Well maybe evolution is the process God used to create stuff." No... your book says 6 days... and it's wrong.

God has created man and inserted him into the evolution process at different intervals of time. Man has not and never will "evolve", yet he exists in the evolution process.
Care to show your evidence for this?
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