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Originally Posted by BEER View Post
locks are much like gun laws, they're only gonna work on honest people.

Quoted for truth.

I dont think most people understand how easy it is to get into a home/hotel/locked area, and when they find out it scares them.

I remember when I was in college, my wife had locked the door, accidentally, on our apartment when we went to water the flowers. I was ready to smash a window when she walks up to two guys in the parking lot and asks them if we can use their phone. She explains what happened, and one of the guys says "Oh, I can fix that."

He walks up to the door, pulls out a jim, pops the door open, smiles and walks away.

My mouth was just agape - not to how quick or easily that he did it, but that my wife just happened to find someone in our parking area what had a jim, and the knowledge of how to pop a door lock...
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