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Originally Posted by IvanVic View Post
If you're attempting to draw an analogy between the two, it is clear you do not understand the difference.
Oh I understand it when I hear a liberal fall back on "you don't understand"

So you are willing to accept the statistics from the Government because?????? Because they've always come from the Government?

So, then , you do agree with me on thing like that actual existence of WMDS in Iraq for instance, and they were just moved before we got to them, after all you aren't one of those folks that doesn't trust what the Government tells you.

You must also believe that Fast and Furioud had no connection to upper levels of Government, just a rogue project by some low level pogues right?

Your trust of Government correlates to it fiting in your agenda.

If you have ever doubted a Government report, then you have no business heckling people who doubt them either.
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