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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
I can see no reasonable justification of shooting a large game animal, such as a deer with a 9mm bullet. It just won't do the job, and you will end up with a wounded suffering animal that you may or may not be able to track. It doesn't make a lick of sense.
There are a lot of people who kill whitetail deer with the puny 9mm. Check out hipowers and handguns. That guy has shot quite a bit of deer using a 9mm hi power.

A lot of people list thr .357 as the baseline for deer. A 125 grain .357 magnum from a 4 inch barrel has a claimed muzzle velocity around 1450fps. Everyone know that is from a pressure barrel so you're talking 1350ish from a revolver. Add 2 inches and you make the claimed 1450ish with a big, heavy, gun.

9mm ammunition can easily be loaded to 1300-1350 fps. Watch tnoutdoors9 video of the 124 +p+ gold dot. That made 1300 fps. Out of a 17 that same load will be in the 1325-1350 ball park. Use an XTP and I think it'll work just fine at close range.
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