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Sorry to hear about that, hamster. I've only shot commercial ammo from Speer, American Eagle/Federal, and Hornady through mine:

Speer 125 gr. Lawman TMJ
Speer 125 gr. Gold Dot
AE 125 gr. FMJ
Hornady 115 gr. Critical Defense

I load my own ammo for this caliber to practice with now, and use Speer 125 gr. TMJ with OAL of 1.135" Both of the commercial FMJ/TMJ ammo were the same length or shorter, and they fed through Glock magazines just fine. I used both the G32 Gen4 13-round magazines, as well as some G31 15-round magazines which weren't Gen4. No problems.

What was the OAL on the Georgia Arms ammo?
Ammo by Dillon and Hornady

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