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Well, having worked for Republican and Democratic administrations, I have to admit that what I have seen (and, embarrassingly, been forced to participate in a few times), has made me believe that manipulating numbers for political reasons has been much more prevelent under Democrats.

I'll give you a good example of lying, but telling the truth. At the agency I worked at, at the time, Clinton announced that he had authorized the hring of and additional 2000 special agents. And, it was absolutely true. He had. But, the budget he submitted for us, before and after that, did not include one penny for the salaries of these special agents, so none were hired. But, he did authorize them to be hired.

I find it laughable that anyone with any real world experience thinks there is not ten different ways to fudge any government statistic.

The shrt time I was on "the public payroll" i can remember helping submit a budget that included the categories of "Essential services" and "Non-essential services". the boss turned it back to us explaining that it was "crunchtime" ant non-essential services had to be cut. We cut the Non-e and transferred the loss int o now "essential services" and our budget flew through.

In the case of employment stats for instance, there are categories, basically for "voluntary part-time" (those who only want to work part time) and involuntary part time (those who want to work more and are therefore "underemployed"). All you have to do is a bit of juggling and the "Underemployed" are no happy part-timers, and as "fully employed" as they want to be.

Just drop the word to the people asking the questions to phrase them the right way.

It also helps when the Government picks up more employees too.
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