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Originally Posted by SJ 40 View Post
This is what I have for the latest followers for 357 and the revision date is 1/24/12
SP 01593-2

Magazine Follower - .357 9-rd, 11-rd, 13-rd, & 15-rd mags only - current follower is marked .357 & 2

From that I would say your magazines have the latest followers. I also think that what you describe as your problem would lead me to suspect a magazine feeding issue.
If it were me and I had any older Gen 3 magazines I would try that in the gun and see what the results were. SJ 40
I actually did I have the same problem with an older non-ambi Mag that I have. Problem is I don't know the exact age of that one since I got it off GT. It has the #2 follower as well. All I know is it isn't the Ambi-Cut.

I'll have to measure the OAL of the Georgia arms rounds again as soon as a I get a chance later this afternoon.

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