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Originally Posted by Yankee2718 View Post
There are a lot of people who kill whitetail deer with the puny 9mm. Check out hipowers and handguns. That guy has shot quite a bit of deer using a 9mm hi power.

A lot of people list thr .357 as the baseline for deer. A 125 grain .357 magnum from a 4 inch barrel has a claimed muzzle velocity around 1450fps. Everyone know that is from a pressure barrel so you're talking 1350ish from a revolver. Add 2 inches and you make the claimed 1450ish with a big, heavy, gun.

9mm ammunition can easily be loaded to 1300-1350 fps. Watch tnoutdoors9 video of the 124 +p+ gold dot. That made 1300 fps. Out of a 17 that same load will be in the 1325-1350 ball park. Use an XTP and I think it'll work just fine at close range.
I have seen the end result of someone doing that. It was in the XD forums. A guy was proud of himself that he killed at fawn with his XD 9mm. It only took him half a dozen shots to do it. Why on earth would you do that to an animal on purpose?

I once was forced to kill a medium sized dog with a 9mm. It screamed and yelped before it died, and it took several hits to do it. It did not die well. These were solid heart long shots at nearly point blank range as it had me cornered. However, it was the only round I had at that moment. I know people think the 9mm is the be all and end all of rounds. It isn't.
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