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Originally Posted by hamster View Post
No question the police officer really had his hands tied. My problem is with the law in Ohio.

It isn't straightforward. I can:

Disassemble my pistol completely, leave the firing pin at home, lock the loaded magazine in a safe to which I don't have they key. Get pulled over and STILL be charged with a felony.

Something is seriously wrong with that. I understand your desire to defend the need to enforce the law as written. I have no problem with that per se. However, the laws in Ohio pertaining to transporting weapons in vehicles is indefensible.
This was my number one reason for getting an Ohio CCW.

I am 55 and for most of my life I travelled to the range with my handguns and loaded magazines in separate bags in the truck. All those years I was ignorant that I was committing a felony.

Luckily I was never stopped.

There is a bill in the Ohio Legislature to change this but I think it is still in committee in the Senate.

EVERY gun owner should have a CCW to protect themselves on car carry issues.

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