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I just got my first one this summer and the first thing I did was heat up the polymer next to the belt loop holes and shaped it for my right-hand draw. That REALLY helped. Then, I followed another trick I saw on a websit (GlockTalk?) and threaded the belt on from the back side so it actually goes OVER the holster and holds very tight against the body.

With my G26 I can carry concealed with a dark-colored Tshirt if it's in a 4-oclock position and pulled up nice and high and tight. Not the best for drawing, but with a GAP magazine base plate, it's just about impossible to see, no printing unless I do something stupid like bend over a long way and reach down to the left with my right arm ... otherwise I'm not concerned about being made by 99.999% of those who see me.

(O.K. - It probably helps that I'm on the verge of 62 years old, wear my hair very short and look like a retired grade school teacher :-))
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