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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
Thanks for your sage advice and continuation of my crimp comments. BTW, didn't you mean 'the round is NOT over-crimped'?

Also, I have an RCBS 9mil collet style puller and a $22 Lee press dedicated to it for pulling my Montana Gold 147 CMJs (right now), and it works wonderfully. It probably has something to do with the bullet profile and enough straight edge of the bullet above the case, before the ogive - and with a 147gr and long OAL (1.135) I have plenty.

My philosophy for 'stuff' is; see it, buy it, try it. This puller works well for me, but YMMV.
Yes, I fixed the NOT thing. Duh...

I agree that the collet style puller will work on some pistol bullets. I haven't had any luck with it on .45 FMJ or LRN and, for me, it just isn't worth the hassle for pistol stuff.

I do have a collet puller set up on my Redding T7 set for .308. It works great.

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