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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
I have seen the end result of someone doing that. It was in the XD forums. A guy was proud of himself that he killed at fawn with his XD 9mm. It only took him half a dozen shots to do it. Why on earth would you do that to an animal on purpose?

I once was forced to kill a medium sized dog with a 9mm. It screamed and yelped before it died, and it took several hits to do it. It did not die well. These were solid heart long shots at nearly point blank range as it had me cornered. However, it was the only round I had at that moment. I know people think the 9mm is the be all and end all of rounds. It isn't.
Everything kicks, screams, and yelps when it is dying. Even game animals shot with high power rifles. Killing is killing. This humane kill bull **** is just something people started spewing when PETA showed up. There is nothing noble or humane about killing something. People will ***** whine and complain about someone handgun hunting with a 9/40, but have no qualms about shooting an animal with an arrow.

If you ask me, while we're talking about the humanity of a kill, bow hunting is just plain stupid then. That's the most inhumane way to kill an animal. The mechanism for death is hemmorhage. An animal will be kicking and screaming for sometimes minutes after a bow shot, yet there is nothing wrong with that. How about all the bow hunters that wound animals and never find them. Ever seen a deer running around with a broken shaft in its thigh? I have. People even hunt elk and bear with bows. But that somehow is more humane than using a .40 handgun that produces both more penetration and foot pounds of energy with the proper bullet selection.
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