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Originally Posted by happyguy View Post
I'm not convinced the WWB wouldn't be a good self-defense load. I've never seen a legit gelatin test of this load and just about everyone knows water is very hard on a bullet.

As far a I'm concerned it is an unknown.

Here is a picture of a 125gr GD (5 petal design, 1,350fps). The bullet was fired into wet mud on a creek bank from a G24 with a 6" LW barrel.

Click image for larger version

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I don't know what the speed is from the 6" barrel. If I had to guess I would say ~1,400-1,450fps, maybe a little more. I wonder what the 6 petal design would do.

I know shooting a clay creek bank is not a scientific test of a bullet. I am posting this for information only. Take it for what it is.
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