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Originally Posted by hamster View Post
Forgive me for my ignorance here, but all I know is which direction my "boolitz" should face in the mag.

What would you expect the range of OALs to look like? Are the cartridges too long, too short? What is the largest acceptable variation from the norm?

I'd hope that too short should not be a problem. I've even read of folks on the Sig Forum being able to feed spent shells through their sigs with no feeding issues.
If I were loading the ammunition myself for myself I with 357 Sig would look at 1.135 as my target OAL

Georgia Arms 125 GR JHP Speer Bonded Unicore, OAL:
If your numbers are correct your OAL varies by,.
090,frankly I 'm surprised that a cartridge 1.1400 doesn't catch here and there in your magazine. SJ 40

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