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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
The argument about taking large game with a 9mm makes about as much sense as hunting one with a Jennings .25 I suppose it holds still enough, that round can probably kill most things, right?

The point, is whenever possible to make a clean kill. Causing needless suffering is not about sportsmanship, or the sign of a good hunter.
Yea, no it doesn't make the same amount of sense as shooting the animal with a .25. The .25 lacks the penetration ability and has a smaller crush volume. A double lung shot with a 9mm or .40 is as clean of a kill as any. If hunting was about the most humane method available only head shots would be taken. As was said, if the animal can be taken with a bow it can be taken with the 9mm or .40 just the same. People take hogs with dogs and a knife, guessing that a good shot with a 9mm or .40 is a bit less stressful for the animal than a couple of bay dogs circling while catch dogs jump on only to wait for the hunter to arrive and slice your throat. Or maybe trapping is humane...

Point is, the deer can be taken responsibly with a 9mm or .40 if the hunter refuses to take a shot that is above his/her capability or the cartidges.
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