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Originally Posted by Kingarthurhk View Post
The argument about taking large game with a 9mm makes about as much sense as hunting one with a Jennings .25 I suppose it holds still enough, that round can probably kill most things, right?

The point, is whenever possible to make a clean kill. Causing needless suffering is not about sportsmanship, or the sign of a good hunter.
My point is that no one thinks twice about using a bow and arrow, but using a .40 caliber handgun makes you an inhumane sob. If a 20 gram arrow at 315 fps can kill a deer, a 180 grain XTP at 1000 fps will too.

A poacher can kill a deer with a .22LR. I'm not advocating the handgun as a pirmary weapon. It's for short range applications. Im not pulling it the G23 for a 55 yard broadside shot.
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