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For one thing, it sure wasn't 70,000 fans at the stadium. They are counting corporate season ticket holders, most of which didn't show up. The mid-section was nearly empty. I'd be surprised if there was more than 50,000 at the stadium.

My niece was a 4 time Chiefs Cheerleader and I always had tickets. Haven't missed a game since 1965. Really starting to wonder what kind of an idiot I have been. Letting the Stram era give me false hope for so many years.

The cheering was because the fans have been sold a bill of goods that has not been delivered for so long, they no longer know what to cheer about. They do want to see another quarterback get a chance, but doesn't make any difference when your running backs turn the ball over for opposing scores more often than they score..

The chiefs have become like the Royals, just training ground for the few really good players they get so they can showcase them and the sell them off. Cassel was a backup quarterback before he came to KC, and is still a backup quarterback. No amount of offense line protection or increased catching percentage will improve his accuracy or decision making abilities. Got to give somebody else a shot at it.

50% of Cassel's passes are at the feet or just out of reach high, leading to tips and interceptions. For 40 years the Chiefs have utilized worn out quarterbacks that where no longer usable on their own team (3 in a row from the 49ers IIRC), or second string quarterbacks that remain second string quality while starting at KC.

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