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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
The above statements demonstrate your inability, or unwillingness, to understand the position I've tried to explain as my approach to risk evaluation. But thats ok, because your understanding, or lack thereof, matters not to me. I'm just participating in a friendly discussion about the OP's query.

I fully realize that some folks face real danger every day from people who may do them harm. If I was a prosecuting attorney, a law enforcement officer or a judge, I would carry all the time. If I had a relative, a neighbor, a drug dealer or anybody who was making threats or was clearly after my hide, I'd always want a gun within reach. If I lived in or near a moderate or high-crime area, carrying all the time would be necessary. Living in a rural area, far from law enforcement, might be good reason, too.

Many people who don't face discernible risks similar to the above carry all the time anyway because of other motivators. I'm thinkin' some do it in order to feel powerful. Some may do it because it fulfills some missing aspect of their identity or it boosts their self image. Others do it to demonstrate their commitment to protect loved ones, even though it isn't necessary. Some simply love guns while others want to project a 'bad ass' image. Obviously there are many other reasons not justified by real danger (risk), including a robust imagination.

While many people play the self-defense game based on imperceptible risk, they ignore real, deadly risks to themselves and loved ones presented in everyday life. Consider the following:

1. Use of tobacco in all forms.
2. Excessive consumption of alcohol.
3. Being overweight.
4. Texting and sending/receiving calls while operating a vehicle.
5. Driving after consuming alcohol.
6. Operating a motorcycle.
7. Not getting periodic physical examinations.
8. Not getting colonoscopies as recommended.
9. Ignoring signs of health issues.
10. Not monitoring blood pressure.

Each high risk behavior in this short list is far more likely to kill than an assault in the streets or in one's home. Yet many among us ignore them while fixating every day over self defense weapons and tactics.

I'm just offering my humble opinion to stand along side glock2740's scholarly (or is it sarcastic?) point of view. As you can see, his view of the world is a bit different than mine.
I didn't know criminals were so particular about the victims they picked. I guess you didn't hear about the Dr. in the upscale neighborhood who's wife and daughter were raped and burned alive in their house. You don't have to have enemies to be a victim.
BTW I don't drink, smoke, ride a motorcycle or think I'm a"bad ass". That doesn't mean I will live forever though,life is dangerous.We all face death one day I'm just trying to put that day off for as long as I can and I believe carrying a gun is one way to do that.
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