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Originally Posted by Yankee2718 View Post
My point is that no one thinks twice about using a bow and arrow, but using a .40 caliber handgun makes you an inhumane sob. If a 20 gram arrow at 315 fps can kill a deer, a 180 grain XTP at 1000 fps will too.

A poacher can kill a deer with a .22LR. I'm not advocating the handgun as a pirmary weapon. It's for short range applications. Im not pulling it the G23 for a 55 yard broadside shot.
A poacher can take one by shooting it through the eye with a .22lr. I know, because my grandfather kept food on the table durring the Depression that way. However, it isn't the Depression. Adeqauate hunting weapons and ammo are not outrageously expensive and available.

The smallest semi-auto I would take for a broadside shot to a deer would be a 10mm. At least you are getting .41 caliber ballistics, especially if it is loaded properly.

But, there is no way I would consider taking my G17 out and popping rounds at deer.

I am actually hoping to try my hand at my scoped .454 casull this year.
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