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Originally Posted by unclebob View Post
Load 4.0 and see what it does. I think you 3.8 is a little low.
Not sure if I replied to this one, but I increased my powder load to 4.0gn and another set of rounds at 4.3gn. Boy-o-boy that really did the trick. The gun cycles flawlessly, and the accuracy and groupings are better than I could have asked for... fantastic!

Both powder loads were very good, but I think I like the 4.3gn load just a little better. As I look at my load notes, I think I found a load for the 9mm with Accurate #2. I've said it before, the ultra small particles of Accurate #2 seem to fill the Lee Pro Auto Disk opening more consistently than any of the other powders (HP-38 and Unique).

I cannot measure FPS, I don't have the device to measure velocity.
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