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I'm a Crossbreed wearing, G26 totin' lefty as well, I would let the gun ride one hole higher for a better grip and safer reholstering, yet with minimal loss of concealablilty. In your pic from the rear, I wear the rearmost holster clip on the left side of the rear center belt loop, rather than on the right side, as you do, ie more towards the 9 o'clock position.
Adding a GAP floor plate also helps with getting a good grip on the upward draw stroke (your ring finger will jam against the floor plate on the upward draw).
I wear an undershirt, not only for all day comfort, but to prevent my thumbnail from cutting my back up on a vigorous draw stroke. And I do have a combat cut on my CB.

Lastly, concentrate on bringing your strong hand to the gun with the thumb raised (as in giving a thumbs up). This lessens the interference with the leather sweat guard.
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