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Originally Posted by Snowman92D View Post
Are you trying to cover for Obama...or are you running a screen for Ron Paul's pandering to Islamists for campaign cash? Hard to tell who you're trying to carry water for some times.

Ron Paul lost. Yall keep telling me that he has lost and is irrelevant. So why is he the basis of every response to my posts, even when it has nothing to do with Ron Paul?

Sounds like most of yall just don't want to address the actual post content because you're wrong and have no counter arguments. If I was running cover for Obama, I'd do my best to bring as many voters to THIS forum as possible just so they could see what it means to align themselves with the average Republican voter's mentality. That would be the best possible thing I could do to help Obama if that was my goal.

Given the threat that Islam poses for this country, and western civilization in general, I'd say it is a "higher level of discourse".
Here we go with the Holy War crap again. Sorry, but arguments over invisible sky men isn't a higher level of discourse. I thought America was so big and strong and exceptional, not quivering little girls worried about some goat herders 7000 miles away.

While that's only one of the critical issues at hand, at least it's "higher" than the recurrent, venal clamoring for drug legalization. Doping is bad. It leads to wife-beating and others social ills.
Yeah Ive heard that cops are notorious for spousal abuse and infidelity.

Drug legalization affects Americans every day. You know that around 50% support full mj legalization and even more support medical legalization, right? So how about we talk about what affects Americans on a daily basis instead of invisible sky men?

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