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Thanks guys, that's pretty much what I thought. In the past I've ran my Glocks stock with the exception of some type of tritium night sights and minor grip mods. Flipping through some of the aftermarket parts/accessories catalogs and websites, I see them marketing an "upgrade" to each and every internal & external part of the firearm. I just added a new 19 to the stable and that has me making a list of modifications I need to do to meet my tastes and needs for EDC and possibly dip my toes into something like IDPA. I'm keeping it pretty vanilla for now- tritium front, plain serrated rear, 4.5# connector, Lightning Strike safety plunger, extended mag & slide releases. After that, an undercut to the trigger guard should be the final touch. A stainless or tungsten guide rod will NOT be on the menu. Thanks again guys.
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