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Originally Posted by 40frank View Post
They have been selling out like crazy in my area, and my dealer has a hard time keeping them in stock. Here is my dilemma: I have two M&P 45's, and my buddy has a 21sf that he has never fired. He offered to trade me straight up for one of my M&Ps. I am wondering if I should trade for the SF (I hate trading guns usually) or wait for my dealer to get more Gen 4s in. I have Gens 2,3,and 4, so I know the difference. I am debating on holding out for a gen 4 21 or making this trade for the Gen 3 SF. I would appreciate input from those who own, or have owned both. Thanks for your time. Frank.
i would trade in a heartbeat,as long as the 21sf is a regular mag release(the ambis are being recalled on a volunteer basis(i know a buddy just sent his ambi in for the mag problem and their sending him a new 21sf)plus with the gen 3 you can change the spring to heavier and run a buffer to shoot 45 super or rowland(the gen 4 is a great gun too)but i think the gen 3 has more you will still have one m&p,GO FOR IT-jef817
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