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Originally Posted by frizz View Post
Wrong. Other than my initial two screwup threads, where have I done this? Show your work.

I'll use this post to explain since the sarcasm about the OC dbag with an extraordinarily professional cop wasn't clear to some.

There is another OC vs. cop vid that ends with the cop making the OCs look like double-dbags and, and the end of his every reply repeats "any questions, comments, or concerns?"

The cop in the vid I found was 100% cool; his goat isn't gettable.

Those were the threads to which I was referring. Forgive me, those were the only threads I've seen you in, and now this one. Again, it's hard to detect sarcasm in an emotionless text, but in my defense, I don't think I'm the only one who missed it. Walked like a duck, so I called it
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