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Originally Posted by Snowman92D View Post
You mean the invisible sky men who fly Boeing aircraft into our skyscrapers?

Just don't mention that more US soldiers have been killed since 9/11 than all those people killed on 9/11. Smart policy there.

Do you really think that legalizing drugs is a higher level of discourse than the dead and crippled at Fort Hood and elsewhere?
Shall I post the myriad of articles daily about people and animals being shot by cops during drug raids? Or parents losing their kids because they smoke weed? Or kids killed by flashbangs? Or the fact that half of our entire prison population is DRUG offenses. Or otherwise very productive people that are one illegal search away from losing their careers over a plant? Which do you really think matters to more Americans in every day life? The cop down the street that may shoot them if their cell phone looks like a gun in the dark or a goat herder living in a cave in Asia?

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